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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life is a Riddle: A Question Box Sermon

Presented by Rev. Diane Teichert with John Sebastian, Worship Associate

As many as possible of the following questions were answered by Diane in the time available, as written on index cards by attendees at the beginning of the service.

What does UUism say about the contemplative life?

This is a new year. What about yourself and/or the Paint Branch Community do you want to carry into 2012? What do you want to leave behind?

When bad things happen to us (death, job loss, divorce) How should UUs deal with adversity? We don’t exactly buy into “Let go, let God.”

Life is inherently unfair- Why should millions live in abject poverty or lack basic freedoms or be unable to find employment or be imprisoned unfairly, while others (like me) live so easily and so well?

Does the church have a specific belief on human nature? E.g. it is basically good, bad, or a mix.

Why are you Unitarian? (The question answered as “Why are you Unitarian Universalist?”)

Does reincarnation exist? Can reincarnation be followed by resurrection? Can you come back as a horse or an elephant after you die? How do we solve these riddles or answer these questions which are gray areas?

What do you imagine will be the long-term future of humanity?

What about the relationship between forgiveness, forgetting, and protecting yourself from further abuse?

When a relationship is deeply troubled and estrangement a real possibility, what is a possible way or ways to reach for reconciliation? Or at times is it better to just let go?

The inherent worth and dignity. What do we mean by that? Does this apply to people who commit heinous crimes, such as Hitler or one who preys on young children? Your thoughts please.

What are some of the ways we as a congregation could celebrate the opening of our state legislation (sic)? Could we reflect most or all of the UU Seven Principles?

How do we stay hopeful among the dire forecasts for the environment?

What is the significance of the number 42 (or what does the number 42 mean to you?)

“… the ceaseless becoming of the universe.” Buddhist saying. The topic is being flexible, not rigid as I age.

What are your 3 (or 5) top goals or priorities for PBUUC in the next 3 (or 5) years?

How do you ensure that all kinds of people are included in the service, since we are an intentionally diverse congregation?

Where do your answers come from?

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