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Archive of Sunday Sermons

In addition to sermons by settled and interim ministers, the archive includes guest and lay-led services. In particular, it is our tradition that most summer services are organized by the Worship Associates with lay speakers, some of which are represented in the archive.


Dec 26Honoring Kwanzaa And Unitarian Universalism by Kweli Powell, Worship Leader, with Tish Hall, Worship Associate
Kwanzaa is an annual seven-day "first fruits" (i.e. harvest) festival that starts on December 26. It was founded in 1965 by African American scholar-activist, Maulana Karenga, only a few years after the American Unitarian and Universalist denominations consolidated in 1961. Please join us in celebrating harmonious parallels within the roots and trajectories of both traditions. DARTT is hosting a potluck brunch following the service - please bring food to share!
Dec 24Herald that Birth by Rev. Diane Teichert
Dec 19All Ages Winter Solstice Service by Featuring the Chalice Dancers and All Ages Holiday Choir Rev. Diane Teichert, with Abby Crowley, Worship Associate
Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown, as the carol goes, but this day we celebrate in song, dance, and story the pine who wears its green gown through the year's longest nights. Please bring mittens or other warm items for the Mitten Tree - the recipients will be students in a low-income elementary school and Warm Nights participants. Holiday Dinner to follow.
Dec 12Mother Mary by Rev. Diane Teichert, with John Sebastian, Worship Associate, and Christmas Music arranged for Four Flutes
Who was Mary then? Who has she been through the ages? Who can she be now, to us? The four flutists will be Deni Foster, Theresa Meeks, John Lagerquist, and Sylvia Lagerquist.
Dec 5Happy Holidays From Around The World by Holiday Choir Service, with Rev. Diane Teichert and Carol Carter Walker, Worship Associate
This year's Holiday Choir Service will include a traditional English carol, a Bulgarian carol (sung in Bulgarian), a Jewish prayer for peace (sung in Hebrew), a French carol, and a short holiday medley of American razz-matazz. Featured instrumentalists include Deni Foster and Teresa Meeks, flutists, and Mark Cornick, percussionist.
Nov 28Celebrating The Many Faces Of Family: An All Ages Service by Interim Director of Religious Education, Karen Lee Scrivo, and Don Mitchell, Worship Associate
Join us for a celebration of many kinds of families on this Sunday after Thanksgiving, featuring "The Story of Grudgeville" and how a wise stranger helped transform the town. Child care will be provided in Room 6 for our youngest members.
Nov 21Silence As A Gift by Rev. Diane Teichert, with Shantida, Worship Associate and the Choir
Silence is a gift we can give ourselves (and others) that costs nothing, holds riches, and may or may not be easy to unwrap. This quiet service relates to "Gifts of the Spirit," the theme in our Religious Exploration program for November and December. We will kick off the annual Guest At Your Table holiday fundraiser for the UU Service Committee.
Nov 14Annual Public Education Sunday by PBUUC'er Dianne Piché, with Tish Hall, Worship Associate
Featuring the Dance Program of the School of Performing Arts at Suitland High School. Dianne is directing education policy and advocacy for the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and will speak on the civil rights challenges in American education. Our Special Collection for November will be taken today for the School of Performing Arts at Suitland High School, a Prince Georges County Public School.
Nov 7A Faith To Change The World by Bruce Knotts, Executive Director of the UU United Nations Office with Abby Crowley, Worship Associate, and Choir
Our guest has fascinating world-wise stories to tell, as will be attested by anyone who heard him speak this past summer at UUMAC (Unitarian Universalist Mid-Atlantic Community), an inter-generational week-long camp attended by many PBUUC'ers over the years. He will examine what it is about our faith that allows the UU United Nations Office to take a leadership role at the UN in ways that other faith-based organizations cannot.
Oct 31Honoring Samhain by Rev. Diane Teichert, Interim Director of Religious Exploration Karen Lee Scrivo, and PBUUC members Tabitha Pierzchala, Becky Sheehan, Paul Richards and Mary Rooker with John Sebastian, Worship Associate
Halloween, All Hollow's Eve, All Souls Day, All Saints Day... it is thought that they all have their roots in the Celtic New Year, a harvest festival, a time to honor the ancestors. Wear your costume!
Oct 24Height, Depth, Breadth by Rev. Diane Teichert, minister, with Abby Crowley, Worship Associate, and Choir
Worship that will take Unitarian Universalism into the future will be three dimensional, with more emotion in it than "shaping worth" may suggest, but you'll never be asked to "check your brain at the door." Stay for "Reverberations" after the service, a discussion of the sermon and the recent changes in our Order of Service.
Oct 17Founding Fables by Rev. Diane Teichert, minister, with Don Mitchell and Carol Carter Walker, Worship Associates
On this very day in 1954 the Sunday service at All Soul's Unitarian Church in DC was transmitted by telephone cable to Building EE at the University of Maryland for the first official gathering of the College Park Unitarians. We've come a long way since then!
Oct 10Rainbow! Youth! Alliance! by Stephanie Kreps and Cynthia Thurston with Shantida, Worship Associate, and Choir
What is it like for teenagers who "come out" to their parents as "queer" (their term), hoping for support or at least acceptance but face rejection instead? Our guest speakers are adult leaders of the Rainbow Youth Alliance of the UU Church of Rockville, for which our Special Monthly Collection will be taken today, on the day before National Coming Out Day.
Oct 3On Neighbors by Rev. Diane Teichert with Tish Hall, Worship Associate, and the Chalice Dancers
Starting with the ancient story of the Good Samaritan, we will ask who are our neighbors, really? This is the last in the sermon series "Unitarian Universalism Today." The Chalice Dancers will perform their 2009 Auction Dance won by Carol Carter Walker to "A Change is Gonna Come." A brief installation ceremony will be held for the 2010-2011 Board of Trustees and new Treasurer.
Sep 26On Movement by Rev. Diane Teichert, minister, with the Worship Associates and the Choir
Our historic values are freedom of conscience, affirmation of diversity, and use of reason from the Unitarian side of the family and, from the Universalists, universal love the power of which is transforming. If, as we say, ours is a "living tradition," then how are these traditional values moving us forward? Second in the series "UUism Today." In honor of Association Sunday, a special collection will be taken for the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, of which PBUUC is a member.
Sep 19On Purpose by Rev. Diane Teichert with the Worship Associates
Life can be joyful and fulfilling when lived with purpose and meaning. Yet, for many people, the search for life's purpose is elusive, at best. Going through life on auto-pilot, striving to meet other's expectations, can be frustrating and depressing. Yet, there is no clear cut path to finding one's purpose/passion/bliss. Or is there? This is the 2009 Auction Sermon won by Ken Montville and the first in a three-part series 'Unitarian Universalism Today.'
May 30Crown Thy Good, Under God? by Diane Teichert
May 23Margaret Fuller:A 19th Century Woman for the 21st Century by Diane Teichert
May 2Counting the Ways, with Mirth by Diane Teichert
Apr 4Is Jesus Risen? by Diane Teichert
Mar 28Liberation by Diane Teichert
Mar 7Toward A Vibrant Community Ministry by Diane Teichert
Feb 28Take Joy by Diane Teichert
Feb 14Re-Imagining Valentine's Day by Diane Teichert
Jan 17When the Wind Lifts Your House by Diane Teichert

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