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Counting Proceeds From the Collection Baskets

Here are some tips to make this task easier for you while avoiding errors we have seen happen. Because two of you are doing the count while most people are still at church, if you encounter any problems or questions with a check, one of you can leave to find that person to answer the question or resolve the problem. This is not possible later for the Treasurer or Asst. Treasurer, who are usually working alone after most people have already left.

Cash (easy)

Separate the bills by denomination, count bills and coins. Enter the total on the envelope as Total Cash. Sometimes there are $1 coins. Watch out for them; they look a lot like quarters!

Checks (more complicated)

The very first step in tallying the checks is to look closely at each check. Do not assume every check in the basket is a pledge payment or donation to the general operating fund. Some may not even be made out to PBUUC. Checks have multiple sections, all of which must be looked at to avoid miscounting or misdirecting the check, or making a perfectly good check un-cashable.

On Special Collection (SC) Sundays (or even the week after)

First look for any checks, not placed in a SC envelope, but which:

  1. are made out to the SC organization, or
  2. made out to PBUUC, but the memo line says it is for the SC organization.

Give those made out to the SC organization to the SAC person who is counting them. Do not stamp them on the back or the SC organization will not be able to cash them!

Those made out to PBUUC, but intended for the SC organization, should be stamped on the back and can be given to SAC to turn in with their cash. They will be deposited in our account and then included in the check we will write to the SC organization.

Every Sunday

Look at all parts of each check, noting the following:

Money Envelopes to put the collection in are kept in the cabinet where the safe is, usually to the right of the safe. Please fill out the front with the date, "Plate", cash total, check total, number of checks & sealed envelopes, and signatures of both people doing the count.

Thank you for performing this essential service.

-Marilyn Pearl & Dave Nation

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